Why Temps Are Useful Over the Summer


Summer time is coming, and with it comes summer vacation. One after another, members of your staff will be taking off to take the kids camping or drive across state to see family.

Your company is undoubtedly considering using temporary workers to cover staff vacations, but did you know using a staffing solution offers much more than help covering the summer work load?

From sourcing new talent to increased potential for innovation, a staffing solution should be seen as a real opportunity for your company to expand and grow.

Introduce young talent

Summer also means college kids are on break. Although we often think of waiting tables or working construction as summer jobs for college kids, many young people are looking to get a head start on their careers by picking up a job through a staffing agency like ours.

If your company is looking to see the effects of infusing young talent, a staffing solution allows you to do this on a trial basis.

Bringing in new ideas

In the flip side of bringing in young inexperienced talent, your company can also use a temporary staffing solution to bring in folks with experience working for other companies, including your competitors. Instead of being a source of wide-eyed optimism, these kinds of workers can be a source of different methods that are proved to work elsewhere.

Bringing in experienced summer temps also means you have to spend less time training them than someone who is inexperienced.

Talent acquisition

Sometimes, a person who comes in during the summer to do a job on a temporary basis does such a good job, it’s hard to see them leave in the fall. With a temp-to-hire situation, your company doesn’t have to let skilled workers walk out the door. Your next top performers could be someone who starts out as a temporary worker.

Even if a talented temp isn’t in a position to accept a full-time job, your company is still making aconnection and filling its pipeline with talent. This talent reservoir is invaluable when a company needs to quickly fill an open position.

Greater flexibility

If your industry goes through slow and busy periods during the summer, temporary workers allow your company to be flexible and respond to a fluctuating work load better than if you only had full-time employees on staff.

Furthermore, a staffing company may be able to supply a worker, or workers, with a specific skill set on a temporary basis. If your company faces a unique and specific challenge over the summer, it can bring on a specialized worker and not have to commit to hiring that person or those people full time if the challenge is expected to only be temporary.

At TempsPlus of Paducah, we offer a range of customizable staffing solutions for companies to take advantage of during any season. If your company is expecting to need a temporary workforce this summer, feel free to contact us through our website.


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