Should You Hire Job-Hopping Call Center Representatives?


Not too long ago, someone with a history of going from job to job would be considered too risky to hire.

But now, with countless workers laid off due to the Great Recession or quitting their jobs to start down a different career path – going from job to job isn’t the red flag it used to be. In fact, there are many upsides to hiring someone with this kind of job history.

Some companies cite the risk of wasted time, money, and effort in getting an employee up to speed who only stays for a few months or a couple of years. However, that waste may not be as bad as companies think. If someone has had multiple previous jobs, including a previous call center job, it may not take as much for that person to get up to speed as it would someone with no previous experience.

Job hopping as experience

When someone goes from job to job, they learn a lot in the process. They have been thrust into an unfamiliar situation time after time, and in the process, they’ve become desensitized to working with strangers and confronting unfamiliar procedures. Call centers are always looking for people who can adapt quickly to a fast-paced environment, and job hoppers just might be those employees.

Also, if the jobs have been a bit varied in nature, job hoppers bring a range of skill sets, some of which could translate into unique solutions or innovations for your call center. This range of experiences is particularly valuable if the job hopper has worked for a competitor. If you hire this job hopper, you’re not only getting an employee, you’re also getting the knowledge, procedures, standards, experience and potential contacts from the competition.

Some people also quit because the work environment around them collapsed. Going through an ordeal like that can train someone to see signs of trouble before a situation gets out of hand. You want to hire someone who jumped ship, rather than someone who went down with it.

A diamond in the rough

Many companies will dismiss a job hopper outright, but a savvy hiring manager should be able to find a good employee, no matter what their work history might be. Also, because many companies dismiss them, job hoppers are easier to recruit due to reduced competition from other companies.

Consider the possibility that some job hoppers may be top performers on their way to an environment that allows them to thrive. If the various moves in a person’s work history appear to have a logic behind them, then this person isn’t so much being rejected by other employers as they are taking a proactive approach to their career. Your business could be just the work environment that allows them to thrive.

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