Soft Skills Welders Need to Get Hired


When planning out their careers or seeking their next jobs, individuals in the welding profession often focus on building up their technical skills.

However, many employers looking for a welder put just as much emphasis on skills like problem-solving or team-working abilities as they do technical ability.

The metal fabrication industry has changed significantly of the past few decades, switching from a craft focus to more business and technology oriented. As it has changed, the industry has called for more and more problem solving, innovation and collaboration across disciplines. Welders must now be able to work with new tools like 3-D computer models and be able to innovate new solutions based on those tools.

In addition to asking about technical skills, hiring managers now ask candidates about how they how dealt with a previous challenge at a past job in order to see if the candidate is decisive and detail oriented. Not only can the answers to these questions make or break your chances of getting the job, they can also indicate what position within the company best suits you.


While exactly a skill in the traditional sense, passion is a quality that every company wants to see in its employees. Work as a welder can be physically and mentally draining. Also, some lower level positions could get a bit tedious. A candidate who has passion for their work is always worth employers’ consideration, even if they don’t have a lot of experience or every technical skill in the job description.

An enthusiastic worker can help inspire others while keeping morale high. This is particularly important during periods of high stress that are common to every business.


If a team cannot depend on someone to come in on time, handle all their responsibilities and help others when they can, the whole group will falter. Hiring managers know job candidates who take their commitment to a company seriously are worth their weight in gold.

Team mentality

Everybody has their own list of responsibilities in the metal fabrication industry, but everyone must also pull collectively to reach company goals. The best team members are willing to place their personal emotions and preferences aside to help the team hit its target. They will step up to help whenever needed and won’t turn down tasks they think are beneath their pay grade.

Problem solving

Technology in the fabrication industry is changing at a rapid pace and companies need agile minds to keep up. Let your interviewer know  you have a curious mind and you are willing to try unconventional means to solving problems.

In an interview, try to give solid examples of when you were able to successfully develop a solution to a problem.

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