Out of a Job? 4 Ways to Make Money Quickly


Most people have gone through a period of unemployment, and needed money to make ends meet. It can be a bit scary, but if this is you right now – know that a lot of people have been in your shoes before.

That being said, being unemployed is actually a great opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and do things to earn money that you never would have never even thought about before, much less tried.

Plus, with the power of the internet at your fingertips, there’s never been a better time to be out of work. The internet allows you to search and apply for jobs from the comfort of your couch. It can also enable you to make money through the gig economy, which is the idea of converting your free time into time where you’re doing something in exchange for money.

If you need money now, opportunities through services like Uber and Amazon Mechanical Turk are great ways to make ends meet until you find that next full-time job.

Become an Uber driver

Driving for Uber is a great example of what the so-called gig economy offers in 2016. Simply put, Uber drivers use their own car to run their own personal taxi service. You can pick up Uber passengers and drop them off at their destination to earn a per-mile rate. Even better, you get to make your own schedule.

If you are considering driving for Uber, you should know that you need to pass a background check and have a newer 4-door sedan with in-state plates that can pass the Uber inspection. The car must be registered, but it doesn’t have to be registered to you.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a service from Amazon where a user can perform simple tasks in return for a small payment. For instance, you might be asked to write a 10-word image caption for $.08. Or, you could fill out a short survey for $.10. You could also be asked to write a 350-word blog post for $2.50.

Most of these tasks are quick and painless. However, they don’t typically pay all that much. Most people estimate you can make around minimum wage doing tasks on the Turk. Those who can write quickly and coherently have better opportunities since the tasks with the best rates are often writing-based.

While it’s not a replacement for a full-time job, the Mechanical Turk is a good stopgap.

Provide online tutoring

Online tutoring sites can hook you up with people trying to learn a subject, and you might be in demand if you’re good with math, science or a foreign language. You need to go through an application sequence, and once you’re accepted, you can start tutoring and earning money.

Sign up with a temp agency

Signing up with a temporary agency, like TempsPlus of Paducah, offers more than just a quick paycheck. Temp work is also a great way to make connections, avoid employment gaps on your resume and try out a company or a different career path.

If you’re interested in temporary work, please contact a leader in staffing in Paducah today and learn about our available job opportunities.

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