Is It Necessary to Screen Temp Employees’ Social Media?


Even though an employee may be temporary, they are still a contributing member of the team and need to be treated as such – especially during the hiring process.

An effective way to minimize bad temporary hires is to screen candidates’ social media profiles for content your company finds inappropriate.

Avoid bad temporary hires

If your company is looking to hire temporary workers for the holiday season, you have a limited window of time to get return on investment. Although you are pressed for time, it is important to select employees who are fit for the job, particularly if you’re hiring a lot of workers.

Companies are not saving time or resources if a significant portion of their contingent workforce quits or gets released. Worker turnover due to poor performance or lack of job satisfaction are simple to screen up-front in the hiring process.

Weak screening of momentary workers can lead to bigger difficulties than just wasted hiring efforts. Temporary workers work intimately with your full-time workforce, and securing temps with bad attitudes and behavior issues can spread these attitudes through your business, creating a toxic atmosphere. Even a single person’s poor attitude can have an enormous impact on the functioning of your business, sparking behaviors like negligence, tardiness and other attitudes reduce overall morale.

Your temporary employees may be temporary, but the impact they leave on your clients and customers is lasting. While you might feel eager to hire any individual, don’t forget your workers are a representation of your company. Poor amounts of customer service could potentially cause loss of current and future customers, ruin a solid reputation and result in lower sales and profits for your business. Your clients will not forgive poor service just because it is supplied by a seasonal worker.

Proper screening does more than just avoid negatives

Remember that some of your seasonal workers could very well become full-time if they perform well during their temporary assignment.

By adhering to your normal hiring system with these temporary employees, it typically leads to a smoother onboarding process when switching them over to full-time workers, costing your company less money and resources than starting the recruiting method right from the beginning.

Social media criteria

While you may not be explicitly on the lookout for bad posts, many hiring personnel say they have seen something on social media that has persuaded them not to hire a candidate. The types of posts that left managers with a bad impression include inappropriate photographs or videos, talk of excessive drinking or using drugs, discriminatory comments, trashing a previous employer or co-worker and bad communication skills.

At TempsPlus of Paducah, we take the arduous screening of job candidates out of the hands of our client companies, letting them focus on their core business activities. If your company is currently looking for any industrial staffing need, please contact us today!


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