Why Employee Recognition Could Greatly Benefit Your Business


Personnel management is about more than just bringing in good talent. It’s also about keeping the good workers you have satisfied and happy.

One approach to boosting employee job satisfaction, and reducing turnover, is to ensure workers are recognized and the value of their contributions is acknowledged. An official worker recognition program can help scale back attrition and offer management with a continuing way of pinpointing top contributors. Discovering ways to enhance worker retention can favorably impact your corporation’s bottom line.

According to a recent survey by Psychometrics, managers report higher levels of employee engagement and quality of work when employees are properly recognized. This effect could be due to employees feeling more motivated by the possibility of reward, or it could be due to the more subtle message that management is watching in order to reward (or criticize).

The following are a few suggestions on how to run an employee recognition program that benefits your organization.

Reinforce Core Values

Some of the biggest returns on investment seen from recognition programs have been directly connected to the company’s values. For instance, if a company’s core values include offering a remarkable customer experience, a worker recognition program should reward those who receive positive feedback when serving customers. This reward system reinforces core values while making employees feel recognized and valued for doing a good job.

Equal Opportunity for Recognition

It’s crucial to frame a worker recognition system in such a manner that it doesn’t unintentionally damage the company’s culture. In some instances, programs like “employee of the month” or “employee of the year” can generate feelings of favoritism or unhealthy competition. Furthermore, a recognition program shouldn’t be so lofty that it solely rewards top performers, leaving steady, but average workers out in the cold.

Think about developing a recognition program based on performance and dependability for which all workers can be eligible. The best programs identify employees at all levels of an organization, with all staff seeing the possibility of recognition.

Giving Appropriate Rewards

Most businesses with worker recognition programs offer up some type of reward beyond verbal encouragement. Incentives could cover anything from a certificate of accomplishment to gift cards and cash bonuses. It’s crucial the degree of the reward be considered adequate with what is being acknowledged. For instance, a five-year service reward should be modest compared to an award for 20 years of service. The values of rewards should vary from business to business, but it’s crucial to have a regular system in terms of equity.

Furthermore, you should consider your employees’ needs and values when considering rewards. For instance, if your employees tend to be physically active outside of work, you could consider rewarding them with an outing like a kayak tour or company softball game. When rewarding with these kinds of activities, be sure everyone is capable of participating.

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