Clerical Skills You Need to Have For the Job


Clerical abilities are those associated with running a company or keeping an office properly structured. These abilities are required for various jobs, not just to work as an office assistant and workers in almost every industry need clerical abilities.

Here is a list of the top clerical abilities employers want to see in their applicants.


Communication is a major administrative soft skill. Clerical workers usually have to interact with management, staff and clients over multiple formats. It is crucial they are able to regularly convey a clear message in an upbeat tone.

Written communication abilities are extremely essential, as most clerical positions require a lot of writing. Clerical workers might write notes for their boss, material for the official website, post to social media or contact people via email. They must be capable of writing clearly, precisely and professionally with a range of programs and in a wide array of voices, from formal to casual.


Apart from being able to effectively communicate with a computer, a clerical worker should also be able to type at a decent rate. Positions that explicitly call for typing abilities generally require the ability to type around 60 words per minute accurately.

If you subscribe to the “hunt and peck” technique of typing, this rate is going to be hard to pull off. However, there are plenty of free typing tutorials available on the internet that can train you to type with all your fingers, and there’s no time to learn like the present.

After a little practice, you may be amazed at how quickly you can type. If you can already type at a decent rate, keep your abilities up by using your laptop or desktop to go on social media, type emails or play keyboard-based games.

Computer literacy

Clerical workers have to be able to use wide variety of software, from the Microsoft Office Suite to specialized industry-specific programs. Used in most offices, Microsoft Word has a lot more features than most people know how to use, so don’t be happy just knowing the basics like how to insert a table or change fonts. The same advice goes for Excel.

Clerical workers should also have some basic computer maintenance skills, such as the ability to troubleshoot fax machines and printers.

Organizational abilities

Being organized permits a clerical worker to handle many tasks, like entering data, filing reports and sending out various communications.

Staying organized also means being capable of effective planning and scheduling. This might mean taking care of someone else’s appointments, developing a plan for when workers are sick or creating office procedures. Having good clerical skills means being able to plan ahead and prepare for any possible office problems.


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