Why Employee Recognition Could Greatly Benefit Your Business


It’s well-known that identifying and rewarding workers for exceptional work, leads to higher worker satisfaction.

It’s also common knowledge that happy workers are crucial to the lasting success of any business. Numerous research studies confirm the more workers enjoy what they do, the harder they work and the less likely they are to leave the organization.

However, there are more benefits than just greater productivity and lower employee turnover. Below are some other benefits you may not have realized.

Brand strengthening

Odds are, your workers discuss how they feel about your business with a lot people, including clients, partner companies, family, friends and other professionals. Even if they don’t say it directly, their attitude and disposition in talking about your company are a major implication of their job satisfaction and opinion on your company.

Happy workers will be a better representation of your company, which results in a stronger outward-facing brand.

Better relationship during a crisis

Every company faces a crisis or urgent situation, some more often than others. When it becomes necessary to ask your workers to dig deep and take care of one of these situations – you want to have a reserve of goodwill you can tap into.

If your employees are nonplussed or even disgruntled with their jobs, coming to them in a crisis will be much harder.

Better performance tracking

Having a worker recognition program in place adds one more layer to your efforts to track employee performance. A worker’s history of recognition can be an important resource when holding performance reviews or considering candidates to fill an open position. While it should not be the sole factor in making personnel decisions, reviewing a worker’s recognition history can help point out things that might have otherwise been missed.

Better recruiting

When looking for new talent to add to your organization, there’s lots of selling that takes place. Although applicants must sell themselves to you, your company also has to sell itself as a great place to work.

Recognition programs are evidence that your organization understands the value its workers provide. Furthermore, an employee recognition program can be fine-tuned to attract the kinds of workers you are looking for. For instance, if you want people who are looking to gain knowledge and grow their career, you might reward workers by paying for them to attend career development or networking opportunities.

Better cohesion among your team

In addition to making employees happier about their job situation, a recognition program can also tighten the bonds between your workers. Some of the best worker recognition systems are those that permit individual workers to acknowledge the work of their colleagues. When your employees are able to recognize and reward each other, it strengthens bonds and elevates team work, with higher productivity often resulting.

This kind of program also motivates each worker to do their best because it is not just their managers who have an effect on their acknowledgement, but also their co-workers.


At TempsPlus of Paducah, we coordinate with our client companies to ensure our contract workers are properly considered for any employee recognition program. Please contact us today to learn more about how we work with our client companies.

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