Why You Should Consider Taking a Temporary Job


Temporary employment isn’t only for entry-level professionals or college students on a summer break.

In fact, businesses often turn to more experienced professionals when they need help on a deadline-driven assignment. Companies may also turn to experienced temporary workers when a project calls for specialized abilities the company doesn’t already have on its permanent staff.

In addition to helping out businesses, temporary employment also helps professionals with various career goals, from gaining experience to avoiding an employment gap in their work history.

Here are a few reasons you should consider pursing a temporary position.


In an era when everyone is looking to add more flexibility into their work life, taking on temporary work offers flexibility up in spades. You can pick and choose which temporary assignments you wish to take based on duration of the assignment and the shift you want to work.

This means you can better accommodate the demands of family life, take trips between assignments or continue your education as you see fit.


Temporary work gives you the chance to work on a broader range of assignments than you’re probably going to see with employment from a single company. When you contribute to various projects, you can sharpen many abilities and build the sort of experience that boosts your value as a professional.

You can also find out more on the direction you’d like to take your career. If you work on an assignment or in an industry that doesn’t thrill you, you know you should pursue another path.

Soft skills workout

Working multiple temporary assignments, you’ll find yourself having to constantly adjust, adapt, learn procedures, problem solve and communicate with people you don’t know very well. Or to put it more simply, you’ll be giving your soft skills a workout on a regular basis.

Furthermore, you’ll be exposed to different work environments and management styles. So, when you interview for a full-time position – you can talk about you value as a kind of consultant who knows what techniques are more effective than others.

Bigger network

People who work one job for years on end enjoy a certain level of job security; however, they don’t get many opportunities to expand their network.

Career success is almost always built on a solid network, and by taking a series of temporary assignments, you are adding to your network. Each time you get a new temporary assignment and meet new people, you can connect to them over LinkedIn and nurture these newly formed online connections.

When you’ve decided it’s time to settle down with a full-time position, you can then tap into your LinkedIn network for both testimonials and job referrals.

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