Becoming a Better Manufacturing Leader


Managing a manufacturing facility is the same as it is in most industries: You have to have an effective leadership style.

A great manufacturing manager should also have knowledge of their industry, in addition to the people skills that allow them to manage workers. Based on the industry and the customer, a manufacturing leader may also need international business knowledge, which can help in dealing with overseas stakeholders, particularly those who don’t speak English.

There are numerous qualities make a great leader. Here are some suggestions on how to become the ideal manufacturing manager.

Cost conscious

Great manufacturing leaders are aware of all the costs associated with finished products under their purview, including costs associated with labor, raw materials and equipment.

As you track expenses, you can discover areas for cost cutting. For instance, if you’re shelling out too much on labor, you might want to locate tools to allow you to automate operations and lower your workforce costs. If you are using more raw materials than you should, you can look to see if materials are getting misplaced, damaged or wasted, and figure out how to put a stop to it.


A manager needs to have self-confidence to be able to effectively lead others. You must have faith in the both the skills and experience you bring to the table, and be able to convey this confidence to your staff.

Ultimately, you should be able to walk into a room and take charge if a situation calls for it. In addition to trusting your own abilities, you also have to exude authority without being overbearing, coercive or bullying.

Critical thinking

Even if you are responsible for overseeing or doing the same process again and again, a good leader is always thinking critically and looking to make improvements or solve problems. These women and men like a challenge and can think outside the box when it’s needed.

For instance, a good leader might keep an eye on sales trends so they are not caught off-guard when production shifts happen. Through an awareness of these trends and critical thinking, a good leader can also adjust inventory at various times, stockpiling the in-demand items before they are needed.


A solid leader always gives their workers a high degree of dependability. This type of person is reliable which sets up a solid foundation for employees to work on. A good leader should be capable of setting expectations and holding team members accountable.

Dependability results in having workers’ trust. You have to be trusted to be able to work together with your team. This, in turn, leads to them being open and honest. In addition to being reliable, being upfront and open with your workers also helps gain their trust.


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