How to Make Compelling Content to Attract Candidates


Many companies don’t do enough to make use of the company website as a tool to draw in and recruit talented professionals.

If your business is not investing the time and resources into establishing a website with a career section that presents the business as an excellent place to work, skilled job seekers may turn to competitors who offer more comprehensive information, better resources and a compelling case on both their website and social media channels.

Fortunately, it doesn’t require a large staff of IT professionals and marketing personnel to craft and promote your company career pages. All it takes is an open mind, willingness to learn and a bit of hard work.

Getting started

If you haven’t created content professionally, connect with your marketing team or a colleague with some expertise and ask for guidance on how to share content in a meaningful way. Then, choose a topic you want to post about, and start drafting ideas for shareable content. Once you have content you are happy with, choose a social network and start sharing. It’s important to pay attention to any feedback you might get. If you aren’t getting any, ask for it and make adjustments accordingly as you continue to share more content.

Understand your audience

In order to share the most engaging content, you need to understand your target audience, and tailor your content to their preferences. You should know what gets a response, what makes followers happy and what causes them to take action. The biggest oversight hiring personnel make is to spray-and-pray with generic content. There’s too much noise to insist on content that should work, instead of what does work. Once you start giving your audience what they want, you will be on the path to seeing real and sustained results.

Give value to your readers

When putting together content, ask yourself: “Why should anyone care about this?”

For example, you and your co-workers may be proud that your company won a particular award, but if it isn’t from a prominent organization or the reason for winning it isn’t easily understandable, your target audience may not care.

Place yourself in the typical reader’s shoes and inquire how that information benefits them. If the potential content piece is just a bit of trivia, it better be very interesting.

Keep it real

For job seekers, hiring managers are the gateway to a company and the first person they trust. Therefore, the most effective content that produces lasting results comes from an authentic place. Think about it – the best relationships are derived from honesty and personal connections.

Rather than writing about how perfect your company is, be honest. Be upfront both about what’s enjoyable and what’s challenging about working there. Don’t waste time considering how to present the perfect image or talk about a company culture that doesn’t exist.

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