4 Reasons to Consider Taking a Temporary Position This Summer


While it’s not impossible to find a new full-time job during the summer, warm weather months are probably the most difficult time of the year to have successful job search.

Therefore, you may want to grab a temporary position if you don’t want to wait until the fall to take the next step on your career path. Here are a few reason you should turn your focus from full-time employment to a temporary position this summer.

It closes a work history gap

If you’re unemployed, getting a temporary position this summer fills in the hole that’s slowly been growing in your employment history. Eliminating a gap in your work history isn’t just important for finding you’re next full-time job – it’s also important for finding every job after that as hiring managers in the future are likely going to ask you about it.

It offers a mental boost

Getting a temp job is much easier than finding full-time work. If you go through a company like TempsPlus, all you need to do is send in a resume and cover letter. After an initial meeting with a staff member, the company will then go to work finding you a job.

Once you accept an assignment and start working, it gives you a mental boost, which you may need after months of unsuccessful job searching. Just breaking the cycle of unsuccessful job applications and being compensated for your skills offers a little mental boost that can inspire you to redouble your attempts to land a full-time job.

It offers new experiences

By definition, temporary work means you can work more jobs in a smaller time period than you would normally, which is the ideal option for people who want to figure out the next step to take on their career path.

As you get more experience under your belt, you’ll determine what you like and don’t like in a job. Furthermore, working in a several different work environments, positions, and even kinds of businesses will allow you to grab some new abilities, which can be crucial in setting you apart from the masses when you gradually start looking for something more permanent.

It offers new connections

Networking events and happy hours are one thing, but there’s no better approach to connect with somebody than by working side-by-side with them. If you end up working a temp job this summer, you’ll most likely work closely with a wide variety of individuals who will get to know you on a deep, professional level. When someone you have worked with can personally verify your strengths and accomplishments, they make a better reference than an arbitrary LinkedIn connection.

The people you meet on a temp job may even be capable of putting you in contact with a full-time opportunity, either at the company or at another workplace. So long as you do a solid job and connect with your co-workers, you’ll be capable of opening up another world of opportunities.

At TempsPlus, we help job seekers year-round. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you take the next step on your career path.

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