Current Employees FAQs

How do I get paid?

Our normal pay period is Sunday through Saturday, with payday on Thursday. We offer direct deposit, or will issue your pay on a U.S. Bankcard.  For a list of fees that may be associated with the bank card, please see our Employee Forms.

What happens if I am injured at work?

Notify your direct supervisor immediately. They will contact our office. Employees must contact our office directly. In the event it is after our business hours, TempsPlus has a 24-hour answering service which will contact one of our staff members directly. Please call our office at 270-444-0030 as soon as possible in the event of a workplace injury.

Who is responsible for submitting my time?

You, as the employee, are responsible for getting your hours verified and approved by your supervisor. They can either fax or email your time to our office. You may also drop off an approved timecard to our office. Our office has an after-hours mail slot in which you may drop your timecard.

How do I view/receive my pay history?

Please call our office to receive your password or go to the section Contact Us on our website and we can email you your password.

How do I contact your agency if I am not going to be able to report for an assignment or have an emergency, and it is after 5:00 p.m.?

Our office has a 24-hour answering service. Please call our office at 270-444-0030, and a representative will get in touch with the appropriate staff member.