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Facility Services

Shorten your search for non-clinical healthcare talent or job with TempsPlus.

Leave Your Non-Clinical Healthcare Staffing to Us

At TempsPlus, we understand it’s critical to have a reliable and efficient non-clinical healthcare team in place. We fill a variety of positions in the non-clinical healthcare sector, such as CNAs, laundry staff, cafeteria workers, housekeeping personnel, and janitorial staff through our nonclinical healthcare staffing services. Trust us to source individuals who will seamlessly integrate into your operations, freeing you to focus on patient care.

Find Your Next Non-Clinical Healthcare Job

Looking for a non-clinical healthcare job opportunity that matches your skills and experience? TempsPlus can help! We specialize in connecting job seekers like you with non-clinical healthcare positions that allow you to make the most of your skills in a work environment where you can make a difference.  TempsPlus makes it easier to find your match! 

Upgrade Your Non-Clinical Job or Facilities Team

At TempsPlus, we connect employers with non-clinical healthcare workers through our dedicated nonclinical healthcare staffing agency, who play a critical role in maintaining the safe, clean environment effective healthcare facility operations depend on. A well-maintained environment and efficient behind-the-scenes services can go a long way toward giving patients and their families peace of mind and confidence in the quality of the care you provide. Whether you’re an individual seeking a non-clinical job or an employer looking to build a reliable non-clinical healthcare team, you can count on TempsPlus solutions to deliver excellence in the following non-clinical healthcare jobs:

CNAs Laundry Cafeteria Housekeeping Janitorial

TempsPlus Makes It Easier To Find Non-Clinical Healthcare Workers and Jobs

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